About Human Rights & Science 

The HR&S mission is to provide a platform for equal partnership between non-OECD and OECD country stakeholders. A collaboration that ensures mutual trust, efficiency, sustainability and equally shared mutual benefit. HR&S offers an alternative to traditional development aid. HR&S has developed a set of unique Tools to reach its mission. One of its tools, ROPE, provides a strategy for designing and implementing programmes based on the needs and the knowledge of the local stakeholders. The tool offers ways to overcome challenges, address quality values, cross-cultural learning, sustainable economy, and institutional capacity.

About ROPEdata

ROPEdata enables and ensures real-time outcome based evaluation planning and evidence driven programmes. ROPEdata is an IT platform for compiling monitoring and evidence data and for assessing the performance of a programme. Monitoring and evidence data are uploaded real-time by the Programme management and Target partners. The material is then discussed and assessed at the platform, lessons learned are extracted and Programme Design adjustments implemented real-time.